What to Bring

Fishing off Vancouver Island is spectacular throughout the season, from the earliest post-spawn halibut angling in the spring to the monster salmon fishing fights later in the year. We’re a full-service charter, supplying all the equipment you’ll need to bring in your catch, but there are still things you’ll need to bring with on your visit to Port Renfrew.


The weather ranges from cool-average to downright cold in the Port Renfrew area, so you’ll need to dress accordingly. At the beginning of the season in March, we’ll start out the mornings with a chilly temperature of around 50 degrees F, and it won’t be likely to warm up past 60 during the hottest part of the day. Even during the warmest part of summer we’re only likely to see an average high around 70 degrees on the sunniest day. But don’t worry too much, the boat has a heated cabin.

This means cold weather gear is almost always required for excursions on our boats. Dress in layers, with long underwear, sweatshirts and flannel. You’re bound to get warm with all the exercise you’ll put in pulling in the big ones, so you’ll enjoy being able to shed a layer in the afternoon, but it will be needed again later in the day.

We do carry some basic rain gear on board, but it’s a good idea to bring your own, just in case. A lightweight rain suit that fits over your warm clothes will be welcome if we get rain showers during your Vancouver Island fishing trip, and might even come in handy during windy days with the high Port Renfrew swells flowing over the rails.

Recording Your Adventure

Almost everyone carries a smart phone today, but for a trip like this you might want to bring a better quality camera. Between epic fights to reel in big fish to showing off everyone’s trophies at the end of the day, you’ll want equipment that takes photos and videos that record in high quality. Many anglers are bringing GoPro cameras and drones or other sports recording equipment for the most convenient setups. This is a great way to record your entire halibut fishing adventure without having to think about lining up shots all day long. Give thought to ways of securing your equipment, such as clips or straps, and look into waterproof cases in case of rain or large waves.

Three Day Trips

Most of our clients come for three day trips, and reserve our Fishermen’s Guest House for their Vancouver Island fishing visit. It is also common to book a five day / six night trip.  This self-catered house comes equipped with all the basic needs for staying overnight, such as bedding, cooking equipment and towels, but you’ll still want to bring some of your own belongings to make your stay more comfortable. Some of the most common are:

  • Personal pillows for sleeping comfort
  • Entertainment articles such as tablets and music players
  • Food for your visit, including seasoning for cooking your catch of the day
  • Cards and games

There is a smart TV so you can play back your videos at the end of the day!

Securing Your Catch

Whether you’re fishing for a trophy catch or looking for some tasty eating, you’ll still need to keep your fish safe after for its trip home. We stress the importance of bringing two coolers for every team of four anglers. The coolers should hold at least 150 quarts, and those with wheels and comfortable handles will be easier to maneuver. Of course, if you’ve got a competitive salmon fishing crew, you might want to each bring your own cooler to eliminate catch mix-ups at the end of the trip.

Make your Vancouver Island fishing trip a memorable one by bringing the right gear to ensure your comfort and convenience. Get in touch if you have any questions about what to bring on your visit.