The Hindsight

Our boat, the Hindsight, is a 2005, 26’ Hourston Glascraft Coast Guard boat. Made in North Vancouver, the Hourston was the first fiberglass boat ever produced. It’s stable and seaworthy, perfectly suited for fishing the Swiftsure bank during fishing charters off Vancouver Island. Widely used by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Hourston’s are also still used for all types of coast guard work.

The Hindsight in front of the Fishermen's Guesthouse

In 2015, the Hindsight was refitted with twin DF 150 Suzuki motors, along with the Yamaha 9.9 kicker in 2016. The 150s are renowned for their dependability, something we take seriously for your enjoyment and safety. We need engines that are proven workhorses in the sometimes challenging waters of Swiftsure Bank.

Keeping You Safe on Your Fishing Charter

Sport fishing can have its hazards. You’re out on the open water, at the mercy of earth’s elements, which can sometimes be unpredictable. Naturally we do all we can to make sure we fish in ideal conditions, but not even we can control the sea. The Hindsight is dependably stable, fully fitted with safety equipment, Transport Canada inspected, and insured.

We undertake regular safety and equipment training, keeping our crew familiar with emergency procedures, survival/first aid gear, and how to use it for safe fishing charters around Vancouver Island.

Port Renfrew Fishing Charter Gear

The Hindsight carries only bait and gear that experience has shown us works well. It’s a rare sport fishing charter run by skipper Quinn MacDonald that comes back empty handed (because clients want to catch and release), due to his many years experience fishing British Columbia waters.

Natural baits such as herring and anchovy work well, with hootchies and spoons used when needed out in deep waters. The sport fishing experience has to be tactile and physical. You want to feel the fight of the fish. The tension and direction, strength, speed and movement of the fish are all important when salmon fishing for Coho or Chinook. What you feel through the reel is what connects you with the fish. We use ultra light Fenwick rods fished off Scotty electric downriggers, and may or may not use flashers.

Peetz single action ‘mooching’ reels transmit every move the fish makes, and if you go home with a few war wounds in the shape of a blister or two, that’s just part of your bragging rights. For halibut fishing, you can fight to bring it up yourself or use one of our electric reels, either way, landing one of these monster fish is a sweet prospect.

The Hindsight carries everything you need, and is fully equipped for comfort including a heated cabin and a head (toilet).

Personal Gear to Bring

While we supply most things you’ll need when you join fishing charters off Vancouver Island. There are also one or two personal items you should bring along, such as:

  • Rain gear – Port Renfrew weather can be a bit unpredictable so we always recommend bringing your own rain jacket. There is some rain gear aboard the Hindsight, but your own is best when possible.
  • Your Camera – You’ve captured the fish, now capture the moment. That shot of you with the fish that’s nearly as big as you are is vital proof of your fishing prowess. Make sure you’ve got some kind of camera, even a cheap disposable.
  • A Cooler or Two – If there are four in your team, bring at least two coolers to hold the catch. We take care of all the cleaning and bagging, and can even arrange processing if you want, but you’ll need somewhere to keep the haul safe on your way home. Each cooler needs to be at least 150 quarts.

The Hindsight is equipped with all that’s needed for a bountiful sport fishing expedition. As our pride and joy, It’s kept clean, comfortable and maintained to exacting standards.