Coho Salmon Fishing Charters Port Renfrew

Coho salmon fishing charters in Port Renfrew offer some of the best fishing experiences you can find around the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Between June and October the acrobatic salmon schools in large numbers, providing plenty of sport for anglers up for the challenge of catching them.

Catches of 10 pounds or more are common, especially later in the season as Coho can grow up to a pound a week during the season. In September, you can catch very large fish in the waters around Port Renfrew, including those over 20 pounds which you’ll certainly need if you’re salmon fishing in the Port Renfrew Coho Derby.

Coho Fishing Charters in Port Renfrew

Coho fishing charters off Vancouver Island in British Columbia give you the best chance of landing that special trophy fish or two. The season runs from June to October, when Coho are typically found feeding on the surface. That doesn’t make them easy to catch since they’re notoriously picky about their food.

In the mornings, Coho are after the krill. Later in the day, they move on to larger feed such as herring. It takes some expert knowledge of both the waters and the particular habits of Coho to bring home a good catch. And we’re happy to share that expertise with you, making sure you have the correct gear for some non-stop salmon fishing action around Port Renfrew. Quinn’s favorite way to catch Coho is on the trout rods using a Gibbs croc spoon. These Coho can be a nuisance at times because you cannot even get your Chinook gear down to the depths without catching a Coho.


Between June and October the acrobatic salmon school in large numbers, providing plenty of sport for anglers up for the challenge of catching them.

Salmon Fishing Charters on Vancouver Island

You’ll find very large salmon schools in the waters around Swiftsure Banks, extending to 10 or more miles and with thousands of fish. Hindsight’s fishing charters make sure you’re equipped with the right gear for a successful trip as we know how frustrating it can be when all those fish pay more attention to the krill than they do to you. You need flies or very small spoons to land these wily fish in the mornings, otherwise you can end up trolling through thousands of fish with nary a hit.

Get it right, though, and the trophies are huge.

The Port Renfrew Coho Fishing Derby

In early October, when the salmon are good and fat, one of the most celebrated salmon fishing events in Port Renfrew is the Coho Derby.

Limits are relaxed slightly, and sometimes you can keep four Coho inside the Port Renfrew Harbor, the Port of San Juan. Some absolute monsters are caught. Make sure you bring your camera to record the trophies. We have some amazing image records of the fine fish landed if you want to whet your appetite for the event.

Hindsight’s Coho Fishing Charters

On a salmon fishing expedition with a Hindsight fishing charter, everything is supplied for you, from gear and bait ready for the catch, to bagging and cleaning your fish when we’re back on shore. All you need bring is your Canadian salt water fishing license, your personal stuff, and plenty of enthusiasm for the trip.

We even have a self catering Fishermen’s Guesthouse (sleeping up to eight in three bedrooms and with everything supplied, including towels) if you’re planning a trip lasting more than day and would like accommodation from one to four nights right here in Port Renfrew. It’s located just a minute from the beach, and five minutes from the Hindsight fishing boat.

If you need special arrangements for your salmon fishing trip, just ask. We can usually work things out.

Quinn MacDonald and the Hindsight are your ticket to the best Coho Salmon Fishing Charters in Port Renfrew. You won’t find better in all of British Columbia.