Chinook salmon fishing charters Port Renfrew

There’s only one way to describe offshore Chinook salmon fishing charters in Port Renfrew, and that’s ‘outstanding’.

Anglers in search of a good fight and rush of adrenaline along with all the thrills of the chase, descend on British Columbia from all over the world for the ultimate Chinook fishing charters on Vancouver Island. This unique fish is unequaled when it comes to character and determination to avoid your line. It makes landing the beast all the sweeter, and Quinn MacDonald knows exactly where to track them down.

Port Renfrew Chinook Salmon Fishing

While salmon fishing varies from location to location, Port Renfrew offers anglers diverse opportunities ranging from deep water fishing to catching those closer to the beach. The fish move up and down the coast with the tides, offering plenty of opportunity to catch them. In our unique BC sport fishing area, you can fish for the big ones offshore as well as taking advantage of the shallow water fishery along the coastline. It’s rare for an angler not to catch the two Chinook per day limit during the season, which runs from May to September.

Chinook start to show around April and are gathering in force by the end of May(ish). By the second week of September they’re slowing down so we don’t normally fish beyond September 15 despite the season running longer. Bear this in mind when you’re planning dates for your Port Renfrew Chinook salmon fishing charter.

Chinook always put up a good fight, making them excellent sport and a rewarding catch. Offshore there’s a ton of action but closer to the beach they put up more of a fight. Leading them with a flasher spurns them on to take truly outstanding first runs. But it’s the beach fishing that really gets anglers excited, and for good reason. It takes skill and determination to land the big fish, and some dexterous, sensitive reeling to pull the fish in. Try to stop its run too early and Chinook will separate or break the line from the reel in a flash.


This unique fish is unequaled when it comes to character and determination to avoid your line. It makes landing the beast all the sweeter, and ‘Welzie’ knows exactly where to track them down.

Chinook Fishing Charters around Vancouver Island

Many anglers say the Chinook salmon is the ultimate fighting fish, with the waters of British Columbia renowned the world over in the sport fishing community. Chinook salmon fishing charters in Port Renfrew take the guesswork out of locating these magnificent fish. The mighty Chinook are the largest species of Pacific salmon, putting up a terrific fight with plenty of reel-screaming long runs. Between May and September, you can troll with anchovies, herring, or spoons along the beach looking for these magnificent fish.

Fishing with Hindsight…."UNBELIEVABLE”

Swiftsure Bank with Hindsight Fishing

Hindsight’s Port Renfrew Chinook Fishing Charters

Swiftsure Bank has been called the crown jewel for salmon fishing charters around Vancouver Island. It’s about one hour out from Port Renfrew depending on weather conditions, and offers excellent conditions for both halibut and salmon fishing. Quinn knows the best spots for some excellent deep-water Chinook salmon fishing, with a plentiful supply of 10 to 20 pounders and beyond.

Fishing offshore for Chinook (Kings) brings up salmon that are exceptionally clean and bright, since they are far from the rivers where they naturally spawn. We use a variety of bait and gear for offshore fishing including:

  • Gibbs-Delta Flashers
  • Rhys Davis bait
  • G-Force spoons from Gibbs-Delta & Silver Horde
  • Owner Hooks
  • Segular line

Hindsight’s salmon fishing charters in Vancouver Island also give you the opportunity to catch a fish commonly known in these parts as Ivory Chinook. These awesome fish have an ivory-coloured flesh and make excellent healthy eating as they have a high content of Omega 3. A hard-fighting fish, they offer excellent sport fishing.

From day trips during the season to expeditions of several days we provide all you need to make your Chinook salmon fishing adventure one you’ll always remember. Our Fishermen’s Guesthouse is available for comfortable overnighting, providing everything you need for your home from home, including kitchen gear so you can enjoy the mouthwatering salmon you landed at it’s freshest.

Quinn MacDonald and the Hindsight are your ticket to the best Chinook salmon fishing charters in Port Renfrew on the Swiftsure Banks and beyond.